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 6/17/12 - young fledgling on Father's Day


 6/10/12 - Nancy Abouhanna took some nice pictures of the fledgling sitting on the camera and the mother on a pole near by.



6/9/12 - It appears that our fledgling is a female.  Male ospreys have white chests and females have brown speckles across their chest - SJ


 6/7/12 - Nancy Abouhanna took this nice picture of the fledgling feeding on own.

6/6/12 - Viewer Diane Randolph saw the young osprey, now fledgling, take off at 6:47 p.m. and return to the nest!

6/4/12 - nice picture by Mary Ranneberger of female and chick


6/3/12 - Nice picture of chick by TweetDreams1


 5/31/12 - Male (white chest, females have speckles across their chest) watches chick in the nest  SJ


5/30/12 - Breakfast


 5/23/12 - Marlene Spence caught family conference and later the chick practicing and strengthening to wing muscles

5/22/12 - Mary Ranneberger caught a nice picture of the chick watching traffic


5/20/12 TweetDreams1 caught chicks nice bright eyes.  Also a nice video of the chick being fed



5/14/12 - Mary Ranneberger caught a nice pic of the fast maturing chick

Check this INCREDIBLE PREDATOR video out - SJ


  5/14/12 - and all is well - SJ

5/8/12 - Marlene Spence took this great picture of the chick with a lot to say!

5/11/12 - Fabulous picture of female by Marlene Spence

5/9/12 - Mary Ranneberger sent this pic of the chick exercising those wings

5/1/12 - Marlene Spence took a great picture of the mother and chick

May Day breakfast video taken by TweetDreams1


 4/28/12 - Chick is growing fast!


4/24/12 - A big fish dinner for a fast growing chick



4/19/12 - Great video of chick getting breakfast by TweetDreams1



4/18/12 - Chick is growing fast!

4/16/12 video of morning feeding.  Caught by TweetDreams1

4/15 - Chick number 2 died last night or today.  As difficult as that is for us as viewers, it is more important that the Osprey pair has at least one strong, healthy chick.  SJ 

 4/13/12 - Good video of the chicks by TweetDreams1.

 4/7/12 - The third egg has not hatched and seems to be infertile.  

According to Osprey experts we have contacted, Linda Chambers and R.O. Bierregaard, the parents will ignore the egg and it will eventually be covered over as the parents add more nesting materials. - SJ

4/12/12 - TweetDreams1 took this picture after a feeding.  Notice how the crop used for food storage is full.

4/7/12 - The third egg has not hatched and seems to be infertile.  

According to Osprey experts I have contacted, Linda Chambers and R.O. Bierregaard, the parents will ignore the egg and it will eventually be covered over as the parents add more nesting materials. - SJ


4/5/12 - Lisa took this nice picture of the female feeding the chicks dinner

4/5/12 - Lisa took this nice picture of the female feeding the chicks dinner


4/5/12 - Fish for breakfast again.  Third egg still not hatched  - SJ


Obviously if you like Ospreys you are at this site and you will like this video.

4/4/12 - nice picture by Marci Simon.  Third egg still has not hatched


4/2/12 - nice video by TweetDreams1.  Mom is doing house cleaning at the nest.

4/1/12 - Still just two  Pic by TweetDreams1


4/1/12 - Still just two  Pic by TweetDreams1



 3/30/12 - Second egg hatches  SJ   Video by TweetDreams1

3/29/12 - Nice closeup by TweetDreams1 and video too.



3/29/12 - Marci Simon took this picture of early morning feeding.


3/28/12 - Kelly A took this neat picture this a.m.

TweetDream1 made this video of a.m. feeding.


3/27/12 Di and Ro report hatching at 7:48 this morning.

TweetDreaams1 caught this picture and made video.  

Ploughboy in Finland made this video.

Robin Stumpp took this picture of afternoon feeding.

3/25/12 - TweetDreams1 takes video of female this morning.  She stands up briefly to reveal the three eggs.  video

3/22/12 - still no hatching  SJ

3/21/12 - no hatching yet as confirmed by Marci Simon's picture

3/17/12 - A quiet but warm St. Patty's Day in Florida.  SJ

3/14/12 - They are not quite ready for fish yet!


3/13//12 - Dad brings lunch - pic sent by Marci Simon

3/12/12 - Nice picture of the three eggs taken by Peter Robinson


3/7 - Marci Simon took picture of all three eggs looking good. - SJ


3/6/12 - Looks like Dad taking his turn on the nest. 3:27pm EST pic by Mary Pat

3/4/12 - Very windy morning in Dunedin - SJ

3/2/12 - Terry took this picture Friday afternoon.

3/1/12 - Tim Perry caught male bringing in lunch - SJ

3/1/12 - Peter Robinson got a pic of the three eggs looking good - SJ

2/27/12 - Both parents on nest with three eggs - SJ

2/26/12 - Chilly in Dunedin today. - SJ

2/23/12 - Third egg spotted by Ptasia Wyspa, Kelly A, Marci Simon and Tim Perry - SJ

2/22/12 - still just two eggs.  Pic by Kelly A

2/20/12 - video submmited by Anne from Wildlife Village Forum  Click Here

2/20/12 - Second egg.  Pic submitted by Marci Simon

2/17/12 - Both parents checking out egg.  Pic caught by Frank Butson

2/17/12 - First egg!

1st egg!  Caught by Kelly A at 5:41 a.m. 2/17/12.  Click VIDEO 

2/16/12 - Female on the perch and male on nearby light pole. SJ

2/15/12 - Napping - photo caught by Kelly A

2/14/12 - Happy Valentine's Day!


2/13/12/ - Nice picture of female by Mary Pat.     

Eggs probably will be laid near end of February.  If anyone can get a picture of egg, please forward so we can post information.

Female plays tricks with us by hiding foot.  We know it is a female because she has speckeles across her chest.  It is normal for ospreys to pull up one foot out of sight.  Photo by Kathy Mako

2/12/12 - any questions?  pic caught by Kelly A


2/5/12 - Female in nest early this morning  SJ

2/3/12 - Kelly A caught our couple in the act!

2/2/12 - Happy Groundhog's Day!  

2/1/12 Pic of handsome pair by Diane Randolph

2/1/12 - Nice catch by both the osprey and Kelly A


1/31/12 - female checking out afternoon traffic.  Pic by Barb Beaman.

1/31/12 - nice view of female  SJ

1/30/12 - male with what appears to be a rodent.  He did not share with female.  Pic taken by Diane Randolph  SJ

1/30/12 - I just returned from a fabulous week long trip to Cuba.  One of the things that disturbed me was the lack of large birds there.  Other than some cattle egrets, I saw no herons or egrets.  I did not see a single osprey during the entire week! Does anyone have any information on large birds in Cuba?  SJ

By the way, while I was gone, several viewers sent pictures that have posted below.  Thanks so much.  It seems that the couple is spending more and more time in and around the nest.  SJ

1/29/12 - Some work being done on the next.  Pic by Lynn Celentano

1/26/12 - First recorded mating - Picture taken by Anne from Wildlife Village Forum


1/25/12 - Another nice picture of the couple in the nest taken by Diane Randolph SJ

1/24/12/Pair defending nest. There apparently has been some competition.  Picture by Kelly A  SJ

1/24/12 - "This looks to be a different female.  She flew down to the nest from perch and started moving sticks around.  Lots of territorial disputes today."  Kelly A


1/23/12 - Robin Stumpp notice this bone in the nest.  She did some research and found out the bone is probably of a bird and used as a "stick" for rather than as food SJ

1/22/12 - Kelly A caught this 

1/21/12 -Kelly also took this picture of the them on the perch - SJ

1/21/12  - A pair in the nest!!!  Kelly A of Halifax NS took this nice picture confirming a male and female in the nest this a.m. SJ

1/21/12 - Tim Perry took this pic of the female on the perch this morning.  The speckles across the chest indicate that the osprey is a female.  SJ

1/19/12 - At about 11:20 a.m.Tim Perry, a viewer from Long Island NY, reported "I saw him calling as he was holding a headlees fish. The female arrived and took the fish from him in the nest. She flew off quickly."  That is certainly a good sign.  Reports like this and pictures are great at helping us keep our NestingNotes as accurate as possible.  Thanks for your help

1/19/12 - interesting visitor this morning! SJ


1/16/12 - still only the male  SJ

1/11/12 - only male hanging around nest SJ

1/6/12 - Watching the sunset SJ

1/3/12 - mid-40s in Dunedin last night  SJ 

1/1/12 -Male on New Years Day  SJ

12/31/11 This is a note we received from some DunedinOspreyCam viewers in Scotland  SJ

Hi there, My name is Brian.
I follow the Ospreys from Loch Garten in Scotland. Ther is a group of us on an RSPB... That is Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.. forum called.. Gabfest.
I'll give you a link at the bottom of this message..
Anyway we have been looking at your wonderful webcam. We have named your birds after two famous Scottish historical charecters.
Male... Wallace... due to your city being twinned with Stirling and William Wallace was the leader of the Scots that routed the English at Stirling Bridge.
Female.. Flora... She was the fair maiden that helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape... "over the sea to Skye"
I hope you like this and I'd be delighted to pass on any message to our group.
Here is the link to our thread.
Tghank you.
Brian, or Black Jaguar.

12/30/11 - camera back up.  Below is female working on nest, moving sticks around etc. SJ

 12/29/11 - camera down SJ

12/28/11 - lunch  SJ

12/27/11 - confirmed today for the first time, two ospreys were on the nest SJ

12/27/11- checking out traffic on Alt-19 SJ



non-osprey A non-osprey visits the platform today  SJ 

12/25/11 - male was in the nest this Christmas morning......no sign of a female yet.   SJ 

12/19/11 - male seen around platforn frequently but no sighting of a female.  SJ

 12/17/11 - male on platform SJ

12/12/11 - Power was connected to cable today so it won't be much longer until we are up and running.. SJ

11/29/11 - New and much better camera installed today. Power still needs to be hooked up to it.  Not much activity around the platform/nest.  SJ


11/17/11 - Trench was dug today to bury electrical wire in conduseveral feet deep.  This was done to prevent accidental cuttingof the line which has been a problem in the past.  SJ


10/3/11 -

Camera is not installed yet, but will be soon.  Lots of activity around the area of the platform as males are establishing territory.  SJ


9/22/2011 - This evening I presented a new camera and hosting service for the coming season to the City of Dunedin.  Thanks to Major Sponsors, Clearwater Audubon Society and Progress Energy, and to a Conglomerate of Sponsorships including the residents of Mediterranean Manor, CSX and St. Petersburg Audubon Society.  Yesterday, I saw a screening of Dolphin Tale at Ruth Eckerd Hall and it was wonderful to see footage of beautiful Honeymoon Island and to be reminded of Winter's webcam site www.seewinter.com.  Soon the ospreys will be active at the www.dunedinospreycam.org nest cam in Dunedin as well.  Both of the wildlife cam's in this area represent the entire region so well!  The camera is an AXIS PTZ so we will have better picture, more capabilities and camera reliability this year.  We will also compare the results at several platforms this year to include Ozona Elementary School, Cypress Woods Elementary School, both in Pinellas and a lovely new school, Odessa Elementary in Pasco County.  A big thanks to Ms. Carney, Ms. Freeman, Ms. Rukavina,  Ms. Love and Mr. Crabtree for their commitment and enthusiasm towards this project. Thanks to Mayor Eggers and the entire Commission, as well as the IT Staff and Parks and Rec Staff at the City of Dunedin as well. Mr. Gizzi, Mr. Finn, Mr. Ziants and Mr. Falcon are simply the best.   In the past we've seen the ospreycam ospreys right around October 31st.  Until then we will be installing and testing.  Will the ospreys be early this year as in the past or has this nest changed to the later nesting phase permanently?  It will be exciting to find out.  So for the new nesting season of 2011/2012 this is my first entry. BW

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